12 Monkeys: An air date, a renewal, a photo and a teaser.

Yesterday fans of 12 Monkeys got a pack of good news.

First was the announcement that Season 3 will air starting on May 19th. Unlike season two this is a Friday not a Monday. But its not the only change in the airing schedule. Instead of airing one hour weekly, the whole season will binge over the single weekend. Friday will be 4 episodes with 3 each on Saturday and Sunday. While a lot of fans are pitching fits over the notion, the cast and crew appear to be excited about the idea. Then again they know what’s about to happen so perhaps longer doses are in order. Personally I can’t help wondering if perhaps one night each over 3 weeks might have been a better plan. But I’ll be watching no matter what. Especially if there’s any change the cast and crew will continue to live tweet. It’s actually one of the best things about the show, They genuinely seem to be amused by fan reactions and often reply if only with a like or a retweet.

At the same time that the airing schedule was announced, Syfy has announced that the show has already been renewed for Season 4. This means that the creators will get the full run they have been saying they need to tell the whole story. And it eliminates any concerns fans might have about the weekend binge ruining the ratings and cutting the show short.

A new image has been released compliments of the fine folks over at EW.

There’s not much revealed here. From the color tone and the vines, it’s clearly the future. And the clock piece in the background tells us the Emerson Hotel. But is this where Cole lands when he hits the future (which would set up that he might have to race across country to Titan’s physical location) or another trip with a different purpose. Only time will tell.

But in their article, EW also reveals some details from Terry Matalas. Terry drops the details that the virus did indeed mutate again, which fits with the early teaser that showed the area around Titan as a barren wasteland. Also apparently only the people in Titan have survived. And Terry dropped the detail that Jennifer Goines may play a bigger role in the fight against the Army. If they can find her. Could that perhaps be what Cole and Jones were up to in those 1920s pics that Terry leaked out during production. My money is on yes.

And then the big treat of the day. The release of a new teaser.


We start with a flashback of Cassie getting grabbed and Cole’s very emotional “where did she go” when he and Jones realize that her tracker wasn’t picked up by the Machine.

Cut to Cassie in red robes with a very preggers belly. Any significance to the fact that she still has her wrist watch on. It looks so out of place. Perhaps she does it on purpose because of the connection it has to her first meeting with Cole.

Foggy night. Four men or perhaps men like robots. They are in shadow but the outline of bowler hats and long coats can be seen. Also they appear to all be wearing gloves. Without any movement from the men, lights turn on from their chests. One large one on the right hand side that kind of looks like a miniature version of the view of the machine behind Cole’s chair. On the left side, two smaller lights. One blue and one yellow. Weird. Then we see the men picking up a large crate like box. It has markings similar to those seen around Titan and in one corner there is a glowing light.

Jennifer stands watching a wall of monitors, the image is Olivia who is behind a chain link fence waving at the cameras watching her. Jennifer seems to jump back in reaction.

Shaw Jr, aka the Pallid Man, walks into a room adorned with candles and red vines. Cut to a shot of Cassie, dressed in the red robes, being held in a chair by an unseen figure. Her face is one of shock or perhaps terror.

Lillian’s voice repeating her “Death can be undone, Love can not” as

  • Day. Cole standing in front of a broken down warehouse looking building. From the whipping of his hair and his squinting there is a fairly strong wind blowing.
  • Cassie in her street clothes, standing next to a Plague Mask. This is perhaps in the moments just after the scene with the robed crowd when she found out she was the Mother of The Witness. There is someone off camera in the room also.
  • Ramse in extreme closeup. From the angle and a blurry shape behind him, it seems he’s on the ground. Midst of a fight perhaps. But with whom.
  • Jones, cigarette in hand, in the War Room.
  • Olivia grinning smugly.
  • The machine, glowing blue. A hand reaching up into the light.

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