12 Monkeys Preview: “Mother” Season 3, ep 1

The first clip from an actual episode has been released. It’s dark but rather interesting.

It’s hard to tell exactly when this is in the timeline. We know from various previous clues that there is a time jump of several months between Cole’s splinter to find Cassie and this episode. But nothing has been said about how much of a jump. It seems unlikely that they will drag out the wait for the baby to be born so a fair guess would be a good 5-6 months later. Cassie wasn’t showing yet in 1959 but if they were following real life that could still mean she was as much as 3 months preggers at that point. In other words, she could be about to pop when we enter into the tale.

We find out some interesting details in this clip.

We have a young woman, Adriana, who has been attending to Cassie. Best guess she’s one part lady in waiting, and one part guard. But rather than protecting Cassie, she’s making sure Cassie doesn’t try to kill the baby. Honestly I don’t think Cassie would. Her ‘do no harm’ nature and all that.

But regardless of her role, Adriana has always been nice to Cassie. Unlike Magdalena who apparently loves to remind Cassie that she’s just ‘the vessel’.

Cassie sounds like she’s given up on fighting. Or hopefully just wants her captors to think that.

Adriana is something of a captive herself. She says she believes in the Witness because it’s all she knows. She confirms that she was raised in Titan and indicates that she was taken from her real family, from a time long past. Cassie can only respond that she misses her family too.
Adriana offers Cassie a scrap of fabric she says belonged to her mother that she would rub when she misses her mother. Cassie tries to refuse it but Adriana insists saying “All mothers are important”. It’s a curious statement in the context and will likely come back later.

Cassie never talks about the baby’s father. Cassie says his name was James and he doesn’t know she is pregnant. When asked, Cassie nods that James was kind. Even all this time she still remembers that they were in love and she doesn’t hold any anger towards James over what happened. Or at least not anymore. She might have been a tad peeved that he went back for Ramse. But she’s smart and would quickly have understood that he had no idea what would happen. She may even be aware of how he reversed time and remember that he didn’t consult with her, but if she does she’s not angry at this point about it.

When asked if she misses him, Cassie says “I want to go home.”

Aside from being a total tear jerker, this clip seems to answer the question of who Cassie was talking to in the trailers when she asks for help saying her baby. Adriana, who understands about being taken from one’s real family, held hostage etc, would be just the person to potentially sympathize with Cassie’s plight. Perhaps Cassie will take the girl with her back to Raritan and 2044 and give her a new family and a new home.

Oh and a fun little detail. As the camera opens on the scene, there’s a butterfly hair pin on Cassie’s table. It’s not the same cheesy one that Cole gave her for Christmas but it’s a likely and cruel reminder. Which begs the question why she’s kept it and kept it out where she can see it. Perhaps it’s her little scrap of fabric.

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