12 Monkeys Season 3 Showcase Trailer Breakdown.

Showcase,  for those who don’t know it, is the Canadian Broadcaster for 12 Monkeys. And they have posted their own trailer for the show which I found with the help of Geoff Scovell (stunt double for Aaron Stanford and all around mensch)

Much of the trailer is the same as the ones released by Syfy. But there are some bits not seen before.

We get our first good look at the thing that Cole has been carrying around as he drives it into the on a beach (site of the image that Terry sent out a while back?). It appears to be some kind of antenna created out of a staff, a two pronged top and some kind of blue glowing thing. Perhaps something meant to help Jones keep track of Cole’s tracker since he’s 100 plus years away. Maybe The Machine has a limit to its power. Moving away from the drop point might make it worse so he needs a boaster like your home wifi might to reach all the way up the stairs.

Shaw’s voice speaks over a repeat of the barren wasteland around Titan image. “They tell us time heals all wounds.” The wasteland cuts to a shot of Cole standing up from behind what appears to be a rusted old car. Then the shot of him looking out over the empty city (New York?)

Cut to Shaw speaking. “I believe it creates them”. Under this is shots of Cassie in a white gown, lying in some time of tub screaming in pain. Labor pains it would seem. In one shot it appears that the Witness might be present in the room watching his own birth. Cause that’s not weird. Nope not at all.

Then that weird hand reaching up the Machine shot again. A hand drawing the Monkey and the kid drawing the weird markings.

Shot of Cole speaking to Cassie followed by shots of the Witness. His line is the same “the man behind the apocalypse is my son.” Poor Cole. If he guilt doesn’t kill him, it might just make him crazy. I wonder if they still have his room at JD Peoples. I wonder if they still play that creepy cartoon.

Deacon’s voice over first a shot of someone standing outside a large house. Looks like Cassie but she’s in shadow so perhaps not. Then inside presumably the same house, Cole slips down a hallway, gun drawn. “An assault on Monkey Mansion . . .” Jones and Deacon sitting at the war table as he says “I like it.” Followed by “I’m in” as we see a trunk smash through a security gate in a modern looking time.

An unknown woman is pointing at gun at someone off camera. Jennifer from behind starts singing a stupid made up “distraction song” making the woman turn around. Cut to the woman’s targets — Cole and Jones dressed in period clothes (we’ve seen this look in one of Terry’s shots). Cole pulls out his gun as Jones and presumably Jennifer duck. He fires at the woman. 

Cut to Jones bad ass strut through the doors in Raritan.

Cassie is asking someone to help her save her son. Ramse (?) running through the woods. Mallick and the robed guys turning around.

Cole and Cassie on a street somewhere that isn’t now or the future. Cole’s outfit looks a bit like what he wore in 1957-9. He’s saying to Cassie that they can’t save ‘him’ which is presumably their son. Has he given up, did we hear only part of his line or is he talking about someone else. Who knows at this point. 

Ramse pulling his gun in the unknown building.

The weird guys with their weird lights turning on.

Cassie, in red robes,  flinching as a bright white light goes off. Kind of like a Splinter light? Could someone be taking her baby away to another time to hide him?

Cole doing the gun march down the hallway in Raritan as Jennifer follows.

The church seen where Cole and Cassie are greeted by their son.

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