12 Monkeys Season 3 Trailer Breakdown

Earlier today a new trailer for the upcoming season was released.  And my oh my.

So lets review the bits we see. It’s actually quite a lot.

Jones standing in the war room, Cole pushing aside the bulletin boards, Cole running into the machine room, Cole splintering. Jones mentions 3 years which doesn’t seem to fit with our known time table. But then again we don’t know when in the story she might be saying these words (assuming they are part of an episode). Could be the last episode of the season and months have gone by.

Cole standing in ruins of what seems to be a large city (New York, Philly) holding something that looks like an umbrella or one of those old times tv antennas that were up on roofs

The same barren wasteland shot of Titan from the early teaser.

A man standing on the dias in Titan surrounded by robes. Another man walks up. Both are facing away from the camera but the man in the center appears to be white and is most likely Shaw Jr. Best guess, the man who walks up is Mallick (the new fellow played by Faran Tahir)

A hand drawing the Classic Monkey Face. Hard to judge gender or age but I’m going with KidCole cause we know he’s the Witness and from prior moments it seems rather clear that he’s both a little bit Messenger and a little bit Primary. And Primaries love that Monkey Face.

Then we see someone drawing on the ground. It’s a huge spiral image of markings sort of like the one on the dias. Plus Jones is talking about the Witness at this point so yeah, seems pretty clear that’s who it supposed to be.

We see the back of someone walking through a hallway cast in red lights. It’s really fast and hard to tell who it is exactly. But my money is that it’s either Cole or it’s Deacon.

Then we get a very classic shot of the Witness in his favorite regalia standing in the woods. Then the hallway in Raritan (a la the flash Cole had when he was tea tripping to stop the Paradox). Then a room that could be the Emerson (a la when he dropped in on Cassie and freaked her out so bad she tripped her tracker to return to Raritan).

We get a repeat shot of the 4 men in the anonymous grab and their lights turning on.

Shot of someone looking at the “Word of the Witness” map post ripped corner and pressed between two sheets of glass. Its been a while but I think this is the shot from when Jennifer saw her death date.

Repeat of the shot of The Machine with the hand reaching up. Still very curious that shot.

At this point Jones’ story ends with the statement “we were hunting the wrong man”.

Cut to Cole and Cassie. The shot is clearly of Cole’s devastated face as he says “the man behind the apocalypse is my son” and flash to Cassie’s equally devastated reaction. Cut to Jennifer standing in a room facing off with a boy of maybe eight. On the wall behind them is a bright red painted Titan symbol. She’s found, it seems, KidCole.

Cut to the scene of some kind of masked ball where folks are dancing etc. Then a shot of Cole and Cassie entering in party clothes and masks. This is the shot that Terry spoiled during production with the caption “the Red Death”

Then a shot of Cassie and Cole walking down a cobblestone street in what appears to be perhaps Victorian garb. This was also a shot spoiled by Terry.

We cut back to Jones, who still seems to be telling the story to someone. She looks gutted as she sits in a large armchair, her audience a figure just on the edge of the frame and unrecognizable.

Flash cut to Cassie and Cole sharing a quick kiss, their clothes indicating they are in the same time as the street scene. They look very happy which raises the question of when this moment happens in the course of events. Is it before Cassie has to confess to Cole about his son. Or after and they have just had something work out their way and feel like they can win this fight and save their son.

Cut to Ramse looking very dour and saying its time to set things straight. But to whom. Best guess is Olivia since we know from the finale that he was in her camp last. But what will this mean for his relationship with Cole. Are they are on the same time or are there now 3 camps each thinking they know the right away for events to unfold.

Shot of Jennifer, Cole, Cassie and Deacon walking across the lobby of the Emerson. They are in 80s garb (note the Marty McFly outfit on Cole, they had to go there). And yes I said Deacon. He’s traveling now. At least this one trip.

Cassie back in Titan and her red robes. She’s asking someone to help her save her baby. From the hand on her stomach, he’s not yet born. But something has her riddled up and fighting.

Cut to a very old creepy looking fellow. He’s in black with a Titan necklace. Yep it’s Christopher Lloyd, aka Zalmon Shaw (daddy of the Pallid Man and major leader in the cult).

Cut back to the the scene where Cole had just found out about BabyCole being The Witness. Then a shot of drawings of Cole. They are covered in the same weird markings and images of Cole pointing a gun at someone (from the POV of the person he’s aiming at). And then a shot of Cole doing just that. Over all of it, He’s saying if there’s something wrong with the kid, “he got it from me”. It’s hard to know Cole’s logic but he seems to perhaps think that he’s an innately bad person and he passed it on to his child. It calls back perhaps to the scene in Paradox when Matthew refers to little James as a good kid and grown up Cole says he’s not anymore.

Jones walking into The Machine room, only The Machine is covered in drop clothes. It’s hard to tell if there is a chair or not. So this could be post 2045 and for some reason she left the building or perhaps its a flashback to her first arrival there after Spearhead.

Olivia standing behind a fence, although it appears to be inside a building. So a cage perhaps. She’s saying something to someone about the edge of time and something ‘falling over’ as there’s a quick flash of Cole in mid Splinter and then a shot of Cole in older era clothes on the ground with a bloodied lip.

Cassie in Titan but in her street clothes. She is looking at a plague mask on a stand.

Jennifer standing at the fence telling Olivia to stop talking like a super villain. Guess we know who caught Olivia.

Raritan. Jones is striding down the hall, at least three figures behind her (one looks to be Hannah so they do eventually make their way home). She’s saying something about putting someone down.

someone running through woods. Looks like perhaps Ramse.

Titan. Some kind of hallway. Cassie in the center, dressed in her robes. Someone is on the ground, having perhaps tripped or been shot. There are robed men behind them as well as in front of the direction Cassie is facing. The men in front, including Mallick turn to face someone behind them. Someone who is not seen on camera. Presumably again Cole or Deacon (since we know have confirmation that Deacon does live. either that or ghosts can splinter in time and dress like Miami Vice rejects)

Jennifer somewhere at night. From the blurry guy behind her it appears to be 1917 and she’s still on the battlefield.

Flashback to Deacon yelling at Jennifer to run while he covered her escape, payback for killing her.

Ramse in some kind of building/room pointing a gun at an unseen target.

Cassie in her robes, sitting at a very Game of Thrones table, a high backed chair behind her, telling someone that ‘he is mine’. Night, Cassie is in the midst of a very painful labor. there’s a man standing nearby watching (Shaw Jr)

Somewhere outside. A very fierce looking woman, in some kind of chest piece with modules in the right positions to be the lights from the creepy robot guys (who I guess are men after all) is telling someone that they can’t have ‘him’. has to be the baby/kid.

Cole striding down a hallway in Raritan, gun in hand. Looking very unhappy. Jennifer is behind him.

A church. A figure stands at the altar, hands on a coffin. A video says “Mother. Father.” as we see Cassie and Cole walking up from behind. “After all this time.”

And cut to black.


The fine folks at EW also had this slick photo again of our hero Cole.

The trailer perhaps answers the riddle of why Cole was at the hotel. Perhaps he’s gone there seeking something he hid in his old room, like he’s the antenna thing.


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