American Gods: Git Gone (Season 1, Ep 4)

Scene opens in what at first might appear to be some kind of temple but is quickly revealed to be a kitchsy Egyptian themed casino.

Laura, very much alive, deals at one of the blackjack tables. This is old school dealing, hand shuffles and a touch of dazzle. Laura is pulled away from her table and her boss shows her the new fangled shuffle machines. Laura is not pleased at basically being told she has no choice. It literally saps away the tiny bit of life in her job.

She returns home to her comfy house and fat cat where she boils an egg for dinner and reads. A fly buzzes about and looking at the can of fly spray Laura has an idea. She goes outside to her small above ground hot tub, climbs in and closes the lid. She attempts to poison herself by spraying the can of insecticide into the enclosed space but instinct takes over and she forces the lid open.

She goes back to her job which feels rote and robotic. Then a man sits down at her empty table. A man named Shadow Moon.

Laura spies him playing games with the chips and warns him to cut it out. She points out the cameras and the undercovers etc. Laura gets off work to find that Shadow is waiting outside. He suggests to her that together they could rob the casino but she doesn’t go for it. She does however go for taking Shadow home, which leads to some semi violent sex. The sex leads to more sex, a relationship, eventually marriage.

Through it all, Laura goes to work at a job that is empty, unfulfilling and even boring. She admits to Shadow that she believes in nothing. She did as a child but learned the truth as she grew up. As time goes on, she becomes more and more empty, less a person and more a person shaped shell. It gets to a point where life is so bland and predictable and unfulfilling that Laura makes the decision that something radical needs to happen. And she’s decided that that something is she and Shadow robbing the casino after all. Laura believes she has a perfect plan and there is no way they would be caught.

But caught they are. Or rather Shadow is. He is offered a deal if he rats out his wife for helping him but he refuses. He’d rather be sent to jail for six years than half of it and Laura serves the same amount. He asks Laura if she can wait for him and she says yes. And she does for a while. But then one night she comes home to find their cat dead on the kitchen floor. Best friend Robbie comes over to help dispose of the cat while Laura gets drunk off a bottle of wine. Which, cliche though it is, leads to them having sex.

Robbie comes over the next day and Laura tells him that it was a one time thing before inviting him in. Months and more sex go by. They were even having sex just before Shadow called during the week of his release. They go to buy party supplies and Robbie proposes that they leave their spouses and run off together. But Laura protests, saying she loves Shadow. She does move to give Robbie a good bye blow job, which causes their accident.

Laura finds herself standing outside of the car, viewing the scene and her own dead body (much like the old woman from the last episode). Then she finds herself in the sand land of Anubis. But she doesn’t know the figure in front of her. She knows no stories of the gods of the dead. Anubis leads her to the scales but she balks at him taking her heart. She tells him that she knows that it will weigh more than the feather.

Anubis doesn’t argue but leads her to her old hot tub, which is now the gateway for her to pass into darkness. Laura resists, demanding to be sent back. Anubis refuses to grant her desire (if he even can). Laura is particularly angry at Anubis saying he will never remember her, she isn’t worthy of remembering. But before she can express her displeasure, she’s yanked back to the real world.

Laura pulls herself out of her grave, puking embalming fluid. As she looks around everything is shades of grey. Except for a bright yellow light in the distance. She walks through the rain towards the light and finds Shadow. He is the light, or the light is from him. He is hanging from a tree, Technical Boys henchmen surrounding him, watching him die. Without hesitation Laura runs into the crowd and starts attacking the goons like some kind of otherworldly supernatural ninja. She leaps onto the rope and rips it apart, dropping Shadow more or less safely to the ground. She continues to fight the goons, one of whom manages to slice her arm off with a crow bar. For that he gets a kick in the nuts so hard it actually goes up through his body and cuts him in half. Laura hides as Shadow comes to and wanders off.

As morning breaks undead Laura, arm in hand, makes her way to her old house. She showers, dresses, packs up a few things, takes one final look around. She slips out of the house before Shadow, still a glowing yellow light in her vision, finds her. Laura makes her way to Audrey and Robbie’s house where constantly crafting Audrey has sewing and other supplies. Laura is trying to sew her arm back on when she’s found by Audrey who freaks out. Audrey runs into the bathroom which gets awkward when Laura finds herself needing to poop embalming fluid. The whole moment leads to a bizarre semi reconciliation and Audrey helps Laura reattach her arm. Audrey also drives Laura to an undisclosed location (following Shadow’s glow), although their trip is cut short when they are stopped Mr Ibis and a ‘dog’ that turns out to be Anubis. They take Laura to their funeral home where they properly reattach Laura’s arm, paint her skin a more alive tone etc. They warn her that her body is dead and will need maintenance but there is nothing they can do for her heart.  Anubis warns Laura that her time is limited, when she’s done with whatever brought her back, he will deliver her to eternal darkness and Laura doesn’t argue.

Laura makes her way to Shadow’s motel room, changes into a pretty dress and waits for him to return.


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