Apple Watch about to go even more Inspector Gadget with LTE

One of the joys of having cable tv as a child was being able to watch reruns of cartoons on channels like Nickelodeon and ABC Family (now known as Freeform). One of my personal favorites was Inspector Gadget. As a young nerd girl, it should be no surprise that my favorite character was Penny, the precocious, tech loving, highly intelligent and pig tail sporting niece of the title character. I often dreamed of helping to save the world with my always online, hiding in a book, computer and my wrist phone. When the iPad came out, I found myself one step in that direction. And then it was followed in the Spring of 2015 by the Apple Watch. Part fitness tracker, part alert tool, part iPod Nano on your wrist, the Apple Watch shared a similar look to Penny’s watch, but it still required an iPhone for making actual calls. However today, Apple is taking the Apple Watch even further into Go, Go Gadget Watch terrain.

On the surface the Apple Watch Series 3 looks just like its older brothers. But this old dog has a new trick. LTE. This means that the watch will be able to make calls (using the same number as your phone) and do cell data tasks like use Maps, stream Apple Music, check twitter etc. The Series 3 has a new processor that’s 70% faster than the Series 2. Siri will now give audible feedback instead of just text (which will be great for accessibility users). Series 3 also has a new antenna chip for faster wifi and bluetooth connections with less battery usage. On the fitness front, the Series 3 adds an altimeter for detecting when users are going up stairs, hills etc. On the cellular front, the display is actually the antenna and the Series 3 will use an electronic sim.

And to go with the new watch will be new bands including new Hermes bands.

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