Dear Tim Cook: About iOS

I’ve been an Apple user for ages, like a decade ages. I’ve had the iPhone since year one when Steve Jobs thought web apps would be all we users needed and the jailbreak community convinced him otherwise. I’ve had the iPad since day one (I actually stayed up to preorder that one). Apple TV, check. Mac, of course.

And mostly I’m happy with my stuff. I can do what I want to do. But last year I jumped in and bought the beautiful iPad Pro. See my MacBook Pro was getting old and cranky and was almost up re: the whole “obsolete for service” thing. But I didn’t really need a notebook computer, all I was using it for was email, twitter and some Netflix. So hey yeah my iPad should cover that. But I also draw and I wanted that Pencil. It’s a rather nice Pencil. Not perfect but dang close.

However, having that iPad Pro lead to my using it a lot. And there’s a few things in iOS that I really think need a solid rethink.

  • Photos. The biggie is not being able to add keywords, faces, places etc. I take photos with my iPhone and they pop right on over to my iPad thanks to iCloud Photo Library. But I hate that I have to wait until I get home and on my computer to add to their data. Also how about letting us create smart albums. oh and truly hidden photos. hidden even from iCloud syncing
  • Plug in support. And by that I mean photo filters, photo editing tools, Pages templates, 3rd party loops and instruments in Garageband, Mathtype and EndNote support, iMovie templates and editing tools. And how about making 3rd party keyboards simple plug ins like ringtones essentially are and drop needing to download a full on app.
  • Stickers. Nifty idea but why are they restricted to iMessages. and why can’t they be searched.
  • h.265 support. you put it in FaceTime but why stop there.
  • Strip the bloat. ditch the built in apps like Compass, Stocks, Weather. Use that Plug in support to make keyboards, language support and fonts downloadable. Not everyone speaks 5 languages so let us grab what we need when we need it.
  • ability to turn off Messages backups in iCloud. Or even make it all syncing so we can sign right in and don’t have to that whole white screen for 20 minutes thing.
  • about those Restrictions. open it up so they cover everything including 3rd party apps, email accounts etc. and how about a way to save them and link it to the passcode. So if I put in my passcode I get everything but if Junior puts in his, he only gets his games and his G rated Barney shows.


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