Happy!: What Smiles are For (Season 1, ep 2)

We pick up right where we left off, with a truck smashing into the car. Knocked out, Nick has a dream that he’s on the Jerry Springer show. In classic Springer style, he denies that he could possibly the father to ‘the kid’ (aka Hailey). And in classic Springer style, Nick dreams that Springer cracks jokes about him shooting blanks etc.

Cut to, Nick has woken up and run from the scene of the accident. And although he’s willing to embrace the notion that Happy isn’t a hallucination brought on by too much booze etc, he still can’t admit that Hailey could possibly be his daughter. Nick returns home and one of his neighbors tips him off to there being visitors in his place. Rather than sneak out, Nick decides to just barge in like it’s no big deal. He switches clothes and after finding out that the men want him dead so he can’t give Blue the mystery password, Nick does what he does best and beats the hell out of them with as much pain and blood as possible.

Meanwhile, Amanda isn’t sitting and waiting for news. She roughs up a missing poster and goes out to hang up copies wherever she can.

Meredith has to deal with the aftermath of the car accident and Blue, who is being extra psycho. He instructs Meredith yet again to bring him Nick alive. Meredith wants Blue’s word that if she does it, she’s done with him. He leaves her and her mother along. Blue agrees, but then drops a mention that he’s sent someone (Smoothie) to look after Mom while Meredith does her job (suggesting that if she doesn’t get the job done, Mom will be killed). The only thing more disturbing than Smoothie torturing Nick might be him baking monkey bread and doing sheet masks.

And in the house that creepy homeless Santa built, Hailey and at least one other child are boxed up like so much cargo. SantaCreep is busy with a little DIY project making what appears to be a card, with a strand of curly hair (Hailey’s hair?) inside. Hailey whispers out and one of the kids answers. Hailey tells the little boy that her father will come and save them. Only it’s not a kid, it’s SantaCreep.

Nick, in need of money and guns, goes to an underground card game. He isn’t exactly welcome at the game but agrees to play because it’s the only way to get what he needs. He puts up his wedding ring (which turned up when he was getting dressed) as his ‘buy in’. He goes almost all in one with what he believes is a great hand, only to lose. When he’s on the verge of bottoming totally out, Happy turns up and Nick discovers that Happy can see the other player’s cards and help him cheat. Happy isn’t so willing to help until Nick promises to help Happy find Hailey, be a team, be partners. With Happy’s help, Nick cleans up the table. When he tries to leave, the others pull their guns on him and it slips out that they are working for Blue. Nick gets the upper hand in his typical style before grabbing all the money and guns he can. Along with his wedding ring and a car. Only Nick has no intention of actually looking for Hailey. That is until Happy lays some serious guilt on him. Nick still isn’t quite ready to embrace that Hailey is his kid but he at least admits that she believes he is and that he’s a hero so off they go to find her and save the day.

Amanda, having received SantaCreep’s little card, goes to Meredith for help in finding Nick. Meredith claims she has no idea where Nick is and hasn’t seen him in years (liar liar pants on fire). Amanda tries to guilt Meredith into helping, claiming that Meredith ‘owes’ her. And gets herself arrested for punching Meredith.

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