Happy!: White Sauce? Hot Sauce? (Season 1, ep 5)

Nick is surprised to find out that Meredith is helping Amanda look for Hailey. But he’s also not totally trusting. He knows that Meredith is working for Blue. So he leaves her behind to continue his hunt for Hailey. His search leads him to Amanda’s house. Nick is actually terrified of speaking to her. When he finally goes inside the conversation is awkward and tense. Mostly because Nick can’t manage two words without trying to eat his show. Well that and Amanda knows what he’s been up to, the life he’s been leading. The two get into a shouting match until a gang of masked ninja types break into the house and attack mostly Nick. There’s a lot of the typical destruction of a Nick fight, although Amanda gets in a few good self defensive hits. The fighting makes it way upstairs and into Hailey’s room which ends up splattered in blood (pretty sure there’s a metaphor in there somewhere). Amanda tells him to get out, even calling 911 in a threat to have Nick arrested for what’s happened.

Having been kicked out, Nick goes into ‘don’t give a shit mode’ and Happy tries to get him back on task. But Nick is too cynical to buy into Happy’s Christmas Spirit talk. When the power goes out in the subway station, Nick is certain that Happy is about to learn a lesson about how wrong he is. And right on cue everyone starts getting pissy and noisy. And then to really drive home his point, Nick jumps down on the tracks and tells Happy that no one will be bothered to try to save him. When Nick refuses to move, Happy gives in and disappears. Which is actually what freaks Nick out enough that he tries to climb off the tracks and is helped by the folks on the platform. Nick stumbles out of the station. He calls out to Happy, who doesn’t return. But a song stirs up a memory of Nick having a meeting with Blue where there’s another party. A drugged up guy dressed up a bit like Santa.

Smoothie is cleaning up Mr Ho Ho Ho’s lair when he finds the knocked out Meredith. He dumps her on her father’s grave. When she wakes up the next morning she finds herself being questioned by Internal Affairs for working on the kidnappings. There are several hints that suggest that they are on the take and they’re definitely trying to scare her off from asking any more questions. Oh and they were involved in Sax being fired and Meredith knows it. But Meredith doesn’t listen and goes to speak to Amanda, warning her to stay quiet and just wait. But Amanda isn’t willing to stop.

Mr Ho Ho Ho delivers the children to a mystery location that contains a room decked out like a school room. And if the blank books and empty puzzle boxes weren’t creepy enough, Smoothie is their teacher. He sits at the front desk, literally eating a cob of corn while a recorded lecture about how they are not good children and need discipline plays. When he finishes the corn he takes a gerbil out of a cage and carries it over to Hailey’s desk, where he smashes it in front of her. His next lesson is to give all of them (well not the fat kid) a giant piece of cake, very Bruce in Matilda. The other children dig in but not Hailey. She claims she’s not hungry but perhaps she’s remembering Mr Ho Ho Ho’s cake.

Oh and remember that tv show. The Producer turns up at Blue’s house and tries to pitch Blue doing a spinoff show. Blue’s reaction is to literally shove a Christmas ornament in the guy’s face. But Mr Producer does end up getting a wonderfully bizarre scene of Isabella making meatballs with the Grandmother to try to lure Michael’s soul from wherever it is.  And Michael’s soul does turn up. For Nick. In the form of a naked ghost. As Nick puts it to so, this is getting weirder and weirder.

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