Happy!: Year of the Horse (Season 1, ep 4)

The tale of the utterly insane and grotesque continues in ways even stranger.

First off, SantaCreep can see Happy. Can touch Happy. Can eat Happy? Okay not exactly normal. But what in the world of Nick Sax is. Including SantaCreep going for the final deadly blow, only to be stymied by Happy crawling back out of his throat. Before SantaCreep can go for a second try, he hears sirens and runs off. But he does leave behind a clue, a fortune cookie fortune. Nick goes to the factory and finds out that fortunes are specific to certain restaurants and the factory manager has records of where his fortune was sold. At the restaurant, Nick finds out the delivery guy knows who SantaCreep is. He gives Nick an intersection but before they can actually go there, Nick is attacked by gang members who kill the kid in the process. Insane fighting hijinks of course ensue but eventually Nick manages to get away by fleeing to the rooftops. Nick ends up lost and in Nick style decides to give up. Happy tries to stay hopeful, which just pisses Nick off. Right when he gets his rant going, he realizes that they are across the street from Gimbels, site of the infamous Santa suicide. And when they go inside the empty store, Happy recognizes the Christmas display area.

Meredith and Amanda continue their odd partnership, speaking to the parents of the other missing kids. While at one of the houses, a bike delivery driver turns up with a card like the one that Amanda received. Meredith pulls a bad cop routine on the delivery driver to find out where he got the card. After some rather demented persuasion, he tells her the location of the dead drop where he gets the cards. Meredith refuses to let Amanda go with her to the site. That site being an old rundown former department store. Yep. Gimbels. From the still smoking cigarette she may have just missed SantaCreep and the kids. But she is there in time to stab Nick in the leg with a pair of scissors.

And then there’s the reality tv. Yeah seriously. Mama Scaramucci (remember the guys Nick killed the night before), is one of the ‘stars’ of Secrets of My Sussex, a Real Housewives style show. Isabella and her crew turn up at the morgue where Blue is not keen on being on camera, even with his face and voice being masked. Isabella is rather distraught over her sons deaths, especially Michael. She’s also very smart and figures out that someone had to have paid Nick to kill them and she wants to know who that was. Blue tries to play the whole thing as God smiting her for her vanity for joining the tv show. But Isabella isn’t backing down and goes to an old grandmother fortune teller woman to speak to the spirits and find out who the guilty party is. While the Grandmother can’t tell her anything more than Isabella has an enemy in her house, she also reveals that Mikey isn’t with the other boys. When Isabella goes back to the morgue, Michael’s body is missing.

And that’s not even the most WTF reveal. Blue is called away to pay a visit to Mr Bug, who is his boss and probably the only person that makes Blue feel worried or even scared. Mr Bug is not happy about Blue being on the tv show. Mr Bug is also not happy about Blue employing Mr Ho Ho Ho (aka SantaCreep). Mr Bug tells Blue that the children are important gifts and he wants them moved to ‘the prep area’ the night. Blue is behind the kidnappings. Now that’s twisted.

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