Short(s) but Sweet: Friend Request Pending

Clocking in at roughly 12 minutes, this charming little tale looks at dating in the age of the Internet.

Mary  (Judy Dench) is a retiree who is hip to the whole online game. Well sort of hip. She talks the talk (and correctly) but isn’t quite up to walking the walk. Her profile is boring, her photos embarrassing and she doesn’t quite have the whole chatting thing down. But that doesn’t stop her from making a go at it with a handsome bloke from the Neighborhood Watch meeting, her best friend Linda playing ‘wing man’.

Listening to these two ladies discussing online etiquette, debating the use of LOL and pokes is amusing. The whole tale is quite well done. No flash, no pizzazz in the film work. Just a slice of life real moment. The only thing more amusing than Linda suggesting she’d love to poke Mary’s son (Tom Hiddleston) is when his best friend dares him to poke Linda.

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