The Alienist: A Fruitful Partnership (Episode 2)

Kreizler visits a coroner/mortician (?) to question him while the man is preparing a body for burial. The man knows of no other children with bodies mutilated like Giorgio and isn’t particular concerned about the whole affair. He actually suggests that Giorgio deserved to die. This is an attitude perhaps also held by the policemen who go to the Santorelli home and terrorize them into staying quiet. Or perhaps it isn’t just a distaste for boys willing to play girl and give men sexual favors but also the money that Ellison and Kelly and similar owners give the police to not only stay out of, but also protect their business (behavior that Roosevelt not only doesn’t condone but appears to be gunning to end)

Meanwhile Sara is in the office pasting articles into a crude scrapbook when the Captain arrives to tell Roosevelt that the Santorellis had no information to give. John is some side work sketching portraits of upper class women who don’t want realism so much as polished realism (fewer wrinkles, a thinner neck etc). Sara seeks out John’s help to go visit the Santorellis. John is hesitant but acquiesces. Inside they find the badly beaten Senior Santorelli and find out that apparently there were other boys that were killed. Returning to the police offices, Sara goes to find the files for the other killings, name dropping the Commissioner as her reason. But they’ve already been removed, by the Captain. Sara breaks into his desk and gets a glimpse at the files

The Isaacsons are testing knives to try to find the one that might have removed Giorgio’s eyes. Successfully it would seem.

John and Sara take what they have found, as well as some newspaper research to Kreizler. Kreizler asks Sara if she can join him later in the evening (a request the maid Mary seems to take as a date). Kreizler also seems already convinced that this killer is addicted to the kill and more boys will die.

Kreizler and John attend a night at the opera, although Kreizler seems more concerned with checking out the audience than the performance. Kreizler manages to ambush Roosevelt. After informing Roosevelt of the additional killings, Kreizler makes the audacious suggestion that Kreizler be allowed to investigate the killings, using the Isaacsons and Sara as helpers. Kreizler informs the others of this investigation at a late dinner. A very upper class dinner on the town where the Isaacsons are extremely out of place. Also rather ‘out of place’ is discussion so eye plucking, knives etc. John tries to protest the topic, using Sara and her ‘lady’ness as an excuse and she’s quick to snap back at him that she’s capable of hearing the conversation. John’s overly protective sense about Sara results in him having a verbal spat with Kreizler over including the secretary in their endeavor, especially given that they may be about to knock on a hornet’s nest that will lead to them being stung. Kreizler dismisses John’s concerns as merely the reaction of a man with a crush which does not go over well with John.

Nor does he take kindly to the suggestion that he might not have a place of importance on the team. John refuses a ride home and Sara admonishes for Kreizler for letting John walk home alone after all the drinking they have done, Kreizler sends Stevie to follow John and make sure he gets home safely. And its a good thing he did because John, in a act of drunken recklessness, decides to visit Paresse Hall version 2.0 to do his own investigating. Crossing to the bar, several of the boys attempt to lure John into engaging them. But John is only interested in trying to get information from Ellison. Unfortunately John makes the mistake of turning his back and not seeing when his whiskey is drugged. Then having been lured upstairs by one of the girls, he bribes the whore into answering questions. Particularly of note was the fact that Gloria never left her room, at least not through the door. And it was a third floor room.

About this time, the drugs kick in and John literally can’t stay on his feet. “Sally” steals his wallet and leaves the room, only to have Ellison, Kelly and the Captain come in. And they are not happy.


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