The Gifted: Xroads (Season 1, ep 13)

Another jump back to “four years ago” takes us to the Mental Hospital where Lorna was being treated. She’s playing with a medallion that she says was a gift from someone her mother knew. A medallion that looks a lot like Magneto’s helmet. Seems pretty obvious they are confirming that yes in this world, he’s her daddy. Why they don’t just say his name is a question that might never be answered. A nurse knocks on the door to tell Lorna she has a visitor. Her visitor, Evangeline, is a lawyer who states (for the audience and to prove she knows who Lorna is) that Lorna was arrested during an anti Purifier protest that turned bad and going to a mental hospital was offered in place of jail. Which is interesting since it’s been said before that Lorna is bi polar. The assumption would be that any hospital trips were directly connected to that, not her condition being used as a ploy to send her to the hospital not prison as this seems to have been. Evangeline also knows that the ‘accident’ that occurred at the protest wasn’t an accident and that Lorna was the key to the event. Evangeline warns Lorna that a fight is coming and the X men need fighters to lead the resistance. And they want Lorna to be one of those leaders. When Evangeline suggests that the X men must see something in Lorna it almost suggests that Daddy Mag is one of them (as he was in the movie Days of Future Past). Evangeline also outs herself as a mutant to gain Lorna’s trust. Presumably all of the MU leaders have similar stories.

The Frosts are not happy when the trio returns without Campbell. The group flees and Campbell tries to turn the situation to his advantage, as an example of why his program is so necessary. The Frosts are totally unfazed by the fact that there were children in danger. To them hurting a few kids to save the whole Mutant Race would be fine. But while the mission was a failure on grabbing Campbell, it did have an effect on Lorna who is freaked out by the show of humans so devoted to destroying mutants. And the Frosts use that to convince Lorna to ‘do what needs to be done’ (aka kill Campbell). When the trio finds out that Lorna and two sisters left to attack Campbell’s plane they are livid and go to stop the attack. Unfortunately they aren’t successful in convincing Lorna not to bring down the plane. In the chaos of the crash, Lorna disappears.

Back at HQ, they know from the police reports that the mission failed. Andy wants to run to the rescue while the rest of the family wants to stay and protect the people there. The scene becomes tense when Andy refers to “the Humans” with the same kind of stereotyping that the country has been putting on mutants. Andy grabs his stuff and moves out of the family’s room to a bed with some of the other kids.

Turner shows up at Grandma’s office with a pair of Hounds that have been paired together as trackers. He hopes to use them to tracks the Struckers back to where they went, including all the way back to HQ. Turner gets the okay to launch on the building. With only minutes, HQ launches a full burn and run evacuation. Unfortunately they can’t all get out before Sentinel Services starts their assault. With John, Marcos and Lorna out of pocket, Caitlin and Reed step up to lead the defense. Reed gets everyone that can fight to buy them time while Caitlin and a team of mutants tries to bust a tunnel through the vault walls to the outside, beyond the Services line. And while the fight squad is successful during the first volley, the assault team brings in the Hounds from the previous station attack and the tide turns very quickly. The only hope is for everyone to get out through the semi finished escape tunnel. There is however one hiccup. If the assault team sees the tunnel they’ll figure out that everyone fled out into the forest. With no other option, Andy and Lauren volunteer to stay behind to cover the escape, using the Fenris power to destroy the building in the hopes that the team will think the mutants all died inside. Their only hope to survive is that the old vault will protect them and they can sneak out before any cleanup crews come in. The survivors (including Andy and Lauren) and the Trio reassemble at a way station in Nashville. But just as they begin to talk of rebuilding and continuing the fight, Lorna and the Frosts come. Lorna speaks of building a world where mutants don’t have to hide anymore, basically rebuilding the Hellfire Club. and several of the mutants step up to join her, including Andy. Not even Lauren can convince him not to go.

Meanwhile, Turner, apparently the only survivor,  is taken to task over the failed assault mission and the death of Campbell and an Anti Mutant Senator on the crashed plane. Turner does not take being made a scapegoat very well and quits the services. But something in his tone suggests he’s not done fighting the fight.


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